Measures to be Communicated on all Platforms

Municipality answers letter (p 4) about water saving measures

THE Greater Oudtshoorn Municipality answered a letter regarding the communication of water savings measures (page 4) as follows:

The decision by Council to implement water savings measures goes concurrently with a decision to widely communicate the message to save water in all available communication platforms. This decision was taken whilst the municipality, especially on its social media platforms, has already started encouraging the public to use water sparingly.

The local newspapers will carry notices about the water saving measurements. This message will also be carried out on various communication platforms such as local radio, social media pages (Facebook, Twitter), the Oudtshoorn Municipal website, direct messages to community organisations on the municipal stakeholders database, posters/pamphlets in strategic places such as bathrooms, etc.

Rest assured that the municipality will do its best to ensure that the message goes out about sa­ving water. The November edition of the Municipal Newsletter which is sent out with accounts was already completed when the decision to implement water savings measures was taken. These mea-sures will be published in the December issue.

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