Rethinking your garden in current dry times

5 drought tolerant ideas




Artificial grass
Grass is the largest water waster in the garden and it’s the most high maintenance item. On top of the watering there is the mowing, mulching, aerating and fertilising. In small areas consider artificial lawns. There are a lot of realistic artificial grass options with varying degrees of density, eg softer for patios where barefeet might tread.

Gravel and stone
Gravel, stone and pavers give the garden a modern and contemporary look. It’s low maintenance and is a great counterpoint to aloes and succulents.

Aloes and succulents
We love the variety of textures and contrasts that can be created anywhere in the garden and against painted, stone or brick walls too.

Ornamental grasses
Many types of grasses that aren’t your average green blanket lawn grasses are drought-tolerant and perfect for a low-water garden.

A selection one can use:
Little Bluestem, Fountain Grass, Blue Oatgrass and Pampas Grass.
When planting grasses, mix it up: Use both tall and short grasses along with a few more colourful grasses thrown in for a pop.

It’s possible to create a colourful drought-tolerant landscape simply by selecting the right assortment of succulents and grasses, but if you love seeing flowers in your garden go for perennials that are sturdier.
For example: Blanket Flower, Russian Sage, Yarrow, Salvia and Lavender.
Be creative and do not be afraid. The sculptural qualities of aloes can look great in any garden.

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