Redstone Trust increases support for the Hope Options Centre

Chantelle Sneygans with a group of the Kidstop children. Photo supplied

Chantelle Sneygans with a group of the Kidstop children. Photo supplied

THE Redstone Trust has increased it financial support for the Hope Options Centre in Calitzdorp,
primarily for use in its Kidstop programme.

Chantelle Sneygans, the director of the centre, describes Kidstop as a pilot project.

“We have offered counseling services for seven years and have seen the need for more specialized
services, support and skills development. We have a partnership with the Department of Social Development to reach adult victims of crime and violence in our community. In the process, we have
identified the need for a specific programme focusing on the children that beg on the streets of
Calitzdorp and who have not been in amainstream school for a year.

“We offer these kids an educational and life skills programme with a meal, care and support as
an alternative to being on the streets. Where possible, the child is enrolled back into a mainstream
school with continued support, or they form part of the Jubilee Montessori Remedial Program we
currently offer at Kidstop. We work both with the child and the family. We invest in them physically,
socially, mentally and spiritually.”

The chairperson of the trustees of the Redstone Trust, Chris Ball, says the programme has
achieved positive results in its first year, sending a powerful message to all.

“Where there is the kind of unemployment that we have in Kannaland, mixed with the increase in
drug abuse, supportive programmes have a knockon effect and generate wider understanding.

“These children are victims of traumatic circumstances in their young lives that none of us would
wish to have experienced, and over which they have had no control. We should embrace them and
not spurn them, we should treat them with dignity and try to get them back on their feet and into the
schooling system.

“It is tough to do, but they are part of us and Kidstop is showing the way.”

• The 2017 Redstone Mountain Bike and Trail Running Weekend held in May at Kruisrivier was
a great success, with more participants and more support from sponsors.

It is the principal fund-raising event of the Redstone Trust, a registered Non Profit Organisation
which raises money to benefit less fortunate individuals and organisations in the Kannaland District.

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