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A little bit of help can go a very long way in getting your property sold

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By Walter Bakker
The decision to sell one’s house is certainly a very big one and the reasons are many. When the final decision to move has been made it is in the seller’s interest to not only rely on the appointed agent to get the property sold but to also actively assist wherever possible in the marketing of said property.

Note the referral not to one’s ‘home’, or even ‘house’, but to the more detached description ‘property’. This is important as the seller should emotionally disconnect from the house and home as soon as possible to be able to make clear and unemotional decisions during the marketing and ‘showing’ periods and particularly when offers are presented.

From the sublime to the ridiculous but the pink-walled bedroom for daddy’s princess will definitely not be a selling feature for potential buyers, nor will the beer coasters, rugby paraphernalia and big game horns and antlers decorating a wall in the corner of a lounge attempting to parade that area as a “bar”…

Define rooms clearly. When a study is a study it must look like a study. Not a semi store room with packed boxes and a guest bed underneath piles of stuff. It’s either a gorgeous guest room with towels on the bed and crisp clean sheets, light and fresh air streaming in and a glossy magazine on the bedside pedestal or it is a study with a tidy desk, office type chair, stylish desk lamp and neatly arranged books and files. It cannot be a bit of both as potential buyers will then only see a messy room and in their minds retain a picture of clutter and chaos. Not good…

Bathrooms should be scrupously clean and fresh smelling. Medicine bottles, pill boxes, tooth brushes and personal hygiene items must be banned from being seen. Instead, placing some neatly folded new face cloths, a tissue dispenser, clean bars of soap and perhaps a small vase with a flower or two will ‘pop’ the bathroom on showdays or when the agents bring potential purchasers to view. Needless to stay the shower cubicle must be mould free, the bath ‘ring’ free and the toilet… well, enough said…

And now the holy grail of getting a property sold… the much maligned kitchen. From last night’s garlicky stew scents, stinky cat litter trays, overflowing counters and zinks with unwashed dishes to chaotic and super messy pantries, the kitchen sells a house… or not…

Clean up, repaint that pink wall, refresh, redecorate that pub corner in the lounge, and file or store everyting that does not add visual value to the buying experience of that very valuable buyer… and in today’s market there aren’t too many of them.
Good luck comes with good housekeeping, particularly when marketing one’s home… uh… property!


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